1st Year Anniversary is Paper

I had a husband contact me through my Etsy store asking if I could paint a watercolor of he and his wife on their wedding day. The photo is the two of them dancing to their wedding song. He mentioned he loved my art and since the 1st anniversary is "Paper" he thought a watercolor of this romantic moment would be the perfect gift for his wife.  It's such a beautiful photo that I was a bit intimidated but at the same time I love a good challenge that takes me beyond my comfort zone. I feel its the only way I can improve as an artist.

Below is the photo and my watercolor painting taken from it. I have to say I am very happy with it and if it wasn't for him asking me to do this I don't know if I would have ever known that I could do a painting like this! He started something! I've had many other guys commission a 1 year anniversary watercolor. Check out my Instagram (button bottom of page) and see some of the others.